My Creative Friends Page

Adam Travers Illustrator and Graphic Designer
Adam Travers is a Illustrator/Graphic Designer, based in Bristol. His work although very diverse has a urban influence aswell as including, detailed illustrations, delicate patterns, occasional use of colour and typography.
To view more of Adam's work and where he gets his inspiration from check out his website and blog:
Freak Show

Holly Maguire Illustrator
"Holly is a Bristol based Illustrator. Her work includes surface pattern as well as whimsical narratives, made using pen and ink. Her inspiration for her work is drawn from influences which include nature, advertising, branding, history, popular culture, food and fashion"
(Holly Maguire website)
To view more of Holly's wonderful work and what inspires her take a look at her website and blog:
Greeting Card design for Bright Agency

Exhibition at Morgan Arcade, Cardiff (06/2010)