Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Nike - Onwards Animation by James Jarvis

This is such a lovely and creative piece of advertisement, which the music suits beautifully. I can remember watching this 2 years ago whilst at university and just feeling happy with life.

Haagen-dazs 'Help the Honey Bees Campaign'

Goodby Silverstein and Partners are an award winning advertisement agency, one of my favourite campaigns on the website is Haargen-dazs 'Help the Honey Bees'. This campaign was very successful, raising issues regarding the decrease in the numbers of honey bees, their importance and how they are responsible for the pollination of close to 1/3 of all natural foods. 
The extensive marketing campaign included 'hd loves hb programme, an array of viral adds (also recreated by members of the public who felt strongly towards the campaign), epic TV advertisements, funding of honey bee research, public involvement throughout the USA and extensive media coverage across many distribution channels.

The website is great, however please be patient as the site can take a couple of minutes to load but its definitely worth it.

Help to Save the Honey Bees Advertisement 

Viral Advertisement for the Campaign